Leadership Councils
To Hear the Gospel and Make a Difference

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council of Christ the King, consisting of thirteen members in addition to staff and school representation, is the primary advisory and consultative body to our Pastor, Fr. Paulson. As a group, the members represent the parish as a whole and plan, advise, and collaborate with him on matters of pastoral concern. They work on long-range planning and advise, evaluate and support activities, direction and goals of the parish with a focus on whether efforts support our stated mission of "To Hear The Gospel and Make A Difference."

Michael Hall

Pastoral Council Chair

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Finance Council

The Finance Council is a group of 8 parishioners who provide financial advice to the Pastor on managing the financial operations of Christ the King Parish. This group is responsible for preparing and approving the annual operating and capital budget, which supports the mission of Christ the King parish. We meet monthly to monitor spending against budgets and advise the pastor on financially impactful issues that need attention. This group also monitors internal controls set up to assure proper management and accounting of all funds received and disbursed by the parish. This group also provides advice and counsel to the pastor on fundraising options as well as special projects needed to support the parish financial health. Finance Council works closely with the Facilities Committee to help manage the capital investment budget. Members of this Council are appointed by the pastor. If you are interested in the Finance Council and experienced in this area, contact the parish office or Greg Thornbury.

Greg Thornbury

Finance Council Chair

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Facilities Committee

The committee is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of parish facilities and grounds. The committee, which has about 10 members, works with the pastor to determine parish needs and develops preliminary estimates for the work. Once agreement is reached with the Finance Council, work is either done with volunteers from the parish or a request for proposals is drawn up to secure design or installation of the approved work item. A committee member then manages the work for the parish. Anyone interested in helping maintain our campus facilities can contact the parish office or John Kluesner.

John Kluesner

Facilities Committee Chair

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Faith in Action Committee

Working with the Catholic worker, Monument Crisis Center, Hillcrest Church and other organizations we strive to live our vision statement; To hear the Gospel and make a difference. As advocates for social justice pushing for policy reform in local and state government we serve all God’s children; the homeless, hungry, immigrants and refugees, and the disadvantaged. Parishioners are welcome to join our ministry of service to those whose voices struggle to be heard.

Carolyn Peters

Faith in Action Committee Chair