Congratulations on your engagement !

Congratulations on your engagement and your decision to marry in the Catholic Church.  Marriage is a life long commitment between a husband and wife. It is also a sacrament, a sign of God’s love in your lives. The Second Vatican Council reminds us that the marriage covenant exists not only for the good of the couple and their children, but also for the good of the Church and the good of society at large.

It has been said that “A wedding lasts only for a day, but a marriage requires a lifetime!” In light of that thought, the Church requires certain preparations to be done as well as documents to be submitted.

The information below will help you work with the priest and complete the necessary steps to prepare for your marriage.

We are pleased you have chosen our parish church as the setting for your wedding. You have not rented a hall or borrowed a building; but have come into the home of our faith community. We welcome you.

May God bless your lives together!
-Fr. Paulson Mundanmani

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Contact the Office

The first step is to contact our Office Manager Helen using the contact form below.  She will begin your preparation process and help with:

-Confirming your wedding date

-Reserving the church

-Getting you started on your marriage paperwork

We are here to make this special day one you and your family will remember forever.

Contact Helen


Documentation completed in the presence of a priest with his signature affixed:

- Questionnaire for Bride & Groom

-Questionnaire for Witness (parent or family member)

- Mixed Religion form (when a Catholic marries a non-Catholic permission & dispensation is required)

- A valid marriage license is required.

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Wedding Coordinator

Our wedding coordinator, Donna Bradshaw will assist in the planning of your wedding rehearsal and ceremony, and be there the day of your wedding.

Contact Donna


All wedding music must be coordinated through Christ the King's Music Ministry  Coordinator, Jennifer Bennett.  No recorded music is allowed.  Contact Mrs. Bennett below.

Contact Jennifer


Your florist should talk to the wedding coordinator prior to the wedding to discuss floral arrangements for the sanctuary.

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Photography plans should be discussed with the presiding priest and/or coordinator beforehand. Formal photography should be done after the ceremony. The church building is a sacred space. Please maintain a spirit of reverence during the taking of photographs.

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Other Considerations

The throwing of rice, birdseed, or rose petals inside or outside the church is not permitted. No tape, staples, tacks, etc. may be used on the pews.

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Marriage Preparation

Marriages normally need a six month preparation time.  Diocesan guidelines mandate that there be adequate preparation for a Catholic marriage.  The engaged couple must attend a marriage preparation weekend retreat, sponsored by the diocese.  For information click on the link below.

When meeting the priest for the first time please bring:
-Baptismal Certificate
-Confirmation Certificate

Retreat Info

Reserving the Church

To reserve a date and time, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required.  The balance of the fee is to be paid at the parish office at least one month prior to to your wedding.

It is customary to give the priest a stipend.  The amount is left to your discretion.

Weddings ae normally scheduled on Saturdays at 

A wedding can be scheduled outside of these hours after speaking with the priest

Reservation fees
$400 (parishioners)
$500 (non-parishioners)


Let's start planning your wedding

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